A Stand Up Brand – Buffalo Jeans

A Stand Up Brand – Buffalo Jeans

What a great company willing to stand behind their product. I bought a pair of Buffalo jeans about a year ago that I could not live without. They were incredible – whoever the wizard was that created the fabric understood comfort. Within six months, the jeans had worn out in the seat from average where. I realize I was probably not washing these jeans to the recommended instructions on the tag, but nonetheless they wore much faster than the average pair.

I bought a second similar pair to replace the first pair and yet again loved them equally the same. Within six months of buying the new pair the seat again wore out.

Now I completely understand that clothes experience wear ‘n tear and then you buy new ones, but this seemed to be a real design flaw. How could this be? These jeans are incredible, but I need a pair that would last. I took The time to write an email and send a few pictures to Buffalo who responded and seemed empathetic of the situation. They quickly learned more about the situation and provided an explanation. Along with the explanation was an $85 credit to purchase something from their online store. Now that is costumer service!

Thank you Buffalo for standing by your product!

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SeanA Stand Up Brand – Buffalo Jeans

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