Storm Damage to the Docks

The storm ruined the lovely docks. I think it is time to upgrade to a floating dock system.   We managed to get the small dock out of the water without missing any pieces and fixed the big dock so that it can be used for the rest of the season. AFTER Share

SeanStorm Damage to the Docks
Monkey Tail - Feature.JPG

Monkey Tail

This is a money tail. As great as is looks your family and friends will start to avoid going places with you in public if you have one. It is highly recommended to be shaved off entirely if you would like to have a social life. Share

SeanMonkey Tail

Gluten Free… Yuk!

This all started with some stomach pain and a few extra trips to the washroom. Could it be? Do I, the man with an iron gut, have a gluten problem? It’s a fad to most when you talk about removing gluten from your diet, but I figure there must be more to this fad. Genetically engineered, round up ready grains …

SeanGluten Free… Yuk!