One dart left to win… Perfect Bullseye!

Threw a perfect bullseye on my first attempt to take the game. I don’t think I have ever seen a bullseye this perfect before. We had to pull out the iPhone level to check… Yup, it’s perfect! via Instagram

SeanOne dart left to win… Perfect Bullseye!

Tornado WATCH! London, On

It’s not very often that London, On has a tornado watch. Seeing these clouds yesterday when I walked out of the gym told me the weather was not normal.  via Instagram

SeanTornado WATCH! London, On

7-Eleven Coffee – Fantastic!

It ends up that 7-Eleven coffee is actually terrific! Not only that, but the price is right at just $1 for any size and every 7th coffee is free. I love walking past a Starbucks with my 7-11 joe in hand and my nose pointed up LOL. via IFTTT

Sean7-Eleven Coffee – Fantastic!